World Cup-Messi’s pass shot Verhorst double-shot + absolute tie Argentina 2-2 Netherlands into overtime_Restricted Area_Berhaus_Left Foot

Original title: World Cup – Messi’s pass shot Verhorst double shot + absolute draw Argentina 2-2 Netherlands into overtime

At 3 o’clock in the morning on December 10th, Beijing time, the second quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar began. At the Lusail Stadium, Argentina played against the Netherlands. Messi first assisted Molina to open the scoring, and then scored a penalty kick. Verhorst, who came off the bench, scored twice to equalize the score for the Dutch team. The two sides drew 2-2 in 90 minutes and the game entered overtime.

In the 5th minute, DePaul shot with his right foot in front of the penalty area on the right side, and the ball hit his teammate Alvarez. In 22 minutes, Messi shot vigorously with his left foot from the top of the penalty area, and the ball was higher than the crossbar. In the 24th minute, Belwyn made a low shot with his left foot from the middle of the penalty area, and the ball missed the far post. In the 31st minute, Argentine assistant coach Samuel protested excessively and was warned by a yellow card. Two minutes later, DePaul’s right foot shot from inside the penalty area was blocked. In the 34th minute, Messi made a direct pass through the middle, and Molina shot the goal with the instep of his right foot in front of the small penalty area in the middle. 1-0, Argentina scored the first goal, Molina scored the first goal of the national team career!

In 40 minutes, Alvarez made a cross from the left. Messi turned around and stopped the ball in the middle of the penalty area, then turned around and shot low. After 3 minutes, Acuña stepped on Dumfries and received a yellow card. Acuña will be dismissed for accumulating yellow cards Suspended in the next round, Timber pushed Acuña down in retaliation and was given a yellow card. In 45 minutes, Christian Romero was given a yellow card for intentional handball, and 2 minutes later Verhorst was given a yellow card for his excessive protest on the bench.

At the beginning of the second half, the Netherlands replaced Belwyn and De Joong with Bellhaus and Kupmenas. In 63 minutes, Messi took a free kick with his left foot from the left side of the penalty area, and the ball hit the net above the goal. The Netherlands replaced Blind with Luc de Jong, and Argentina replaced De Paul with Paredes. In the 71st minute, Dumfries tripped Acuña in the restricted area. The referee Laos whistled a penalty kick immediately. Messi pushed the ball into the net on the right side of the goal with his left foot. 2-0, Argentina expanded its advantage, and Messi passed the shot to make a contribution! Messi scored 10 goals in the World Cup, tying the Argentine record held by Batistuta.

In the 76th minute, Depay and Lisandro Martinez had a dispute, and both were shown yellow cards. Argentina replaced Acuna, Cristian Romero and Alvarez with Tagliafico, Pezzella and Lautaro, while the Netherlands replaced Depay with Verhorst. In 83 minutes, Bell House made a 45-degree cross from the right, and Verhorst headed forward and scored. 1-2, the Netherlands pulled back a goal!

In the 85th minute, Luc de Jong ferried the header. Bell House volleyed with his left foot from the right side of the penalty area and hit the side net. Three minutes later, Bell House brought Messi down in midfield and was given a yellow card. In the 89th minute, Paredes uprooted Ake and kicked the ball vigorously towards the Dutch bench. The Dutch player rushed into the field and caused a conflict between the two sides. Van Dijk pushed Paredes down, and both were given yellow cards. In 93 minutes, Bell House took a free kick with his left foot from the top of the penalty area, and the ball was blocked by the wall. In the 100th minute, Messi was warned by a yellow card for protesting the penalty. Kupmenas made a direct free kick from the top of the penalty area. 2-2, Verhorst scored twice, the Netherlands tied at the buzzer!

Lineups for both sides:

Netherlands (3-4-1-2): 23-Naupat/2-Timber, 4-Van Dijk, 5-Ake/22-Dumfries, 15-De Roon (46’20-Ku Pumenas), 21-Frankie De Jong, 17-Blind (65’9-Luc-De Jong)/8-Jackpo/7-Belwyn (46’11-Berhaus), 10-Depay (78’19-Verhorst)

Argentina (3-5-2): 23-Emiliano Martinez/13-Christian Romero (78’6-Pezella), 19-Otamendi, 25-Lisan Dro-Martinez/26-Molina, 7-DePaul (66’5-Paredes), 24-Enzo-Fernandez, 20-McAllister, 8-Acuna ( 78’3-Tagliafico)/10-Messi, 9-Alvarez (82’22-Lautaro)

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