World Cup Qualifiers: Saudi National Team Preparations and Coach Mancini’s Press Conference

2023-11-16 17:30:00

The Saudi national team is currently making its final official preparations to face the Pakistani national team at 7:30 Mecca time tonight, and at Al-Fateh Club Stadium in Al-Ahsa, Italian coach Roberto Mancini hopes to achieve a distinguished victory in the World Cup qualifiers.

The Italian coach spoke in his last press conference about calling up and excluding some players, and Mancini said in text: “During this stage, we preferred to call up players who were completely ready. There is coordination between the clubs and the national team regarding players’ injuries, and some players were called up despite the injury so that we could know their readiness, and we made sure of it.” “Because Salem Al-Dosari cannot participate in the two matches, we have excluded him.”

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This is what the great sports journalist Khaled Al-Badr commented on and said in a tweet on the X website as follows:

“Mancini, coach of the Saudi national team: During this stage, we preferred to call up players who were completely ready. Abdul-Ilah Al-Maliki (cruciate ligament) has not yet played a full match. Saleh Al-Shehri is returning from an injury and did not even participate in a full half. Sultan Al-Ghannam made more of Al-Nasr’s lead, Firas Al-Braikan more. Al-Ahly’s contribution.”

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