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2023-11-16 16:34:00

Original title: The world’s first “Frozen” themed park opens at Hong Kong Disneyland

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, November 16 (Reporter Xie Niu) Interact closely with the characters in the movie “Frozen” and taste the special food in the movie… After 7 years of design and development, the world’s first “Frozen” themed The park – “Frozen World” held an opening ceremony at Hong Kong Disneyland on the 16th. The park will officially open to the public on the 20th.

That night, more than a hundred drones lit up the night sky of the “Frozen World” park, and went to the “Ice and Snow Appointment” with the audience.

The design inspiration of the theme park “Frozen World” comes from scenes from the animated “Frozen” series of movies. Jiao Yaxin, senior executive producer of Walt Disney Imagineering (Asia), said that “Frozen World” is an important part of the latest expansion and development of Hong Kong Disneyland. The creative team created it with the expectations and enthusiasm of many fans, striving to bring visitors Best experience.

“Happy Summer Snow Festival!” Entering the park, staff dressed in costumes from the movie said classic lines from the movie to tourists, creating a happy atmosphere of the “Summer Snow Festival” in the Kingdom of Arendelle in the movie; The familiar “Frozen” movie songs, these background music were specially adapted and recorded for the park; looking at it, the design of the entire park cleverly integrates the natural landforms of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, the “Snow Mountain” of the Kingdom of Arendelle and Hong Kong’s Lantau Island The green trees complement each other.

In the park, visitors can experience the world’s first “Frozen”-themed roller coaster “Snow Ridge Sledding”; the amusement facility “Snow Fantasy Journey” uses light and shadow effects to allow visitors to ride a wooden boat accompanied by movie music Travel through classic movie scenes; the “Forest Little World” theater uses projection mapping, special effects, etc. to bring a unique theatrical experience to the audience.

On that day, many fans of the movie “Frozen” came to witness this moment wearing themed costumes. Ms. Zhang from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, said that she and her daughter are both fans of the movie and have been following the construction progress of the “Frozen” theme park on social platforms. Coming to the site for the first time today is like “traveling” into the movie. “We will come again to check in after the park officially opens.” Ms. Zhang said.

Gurry, business development director of Hong Kong Disneyland, said that we are very confident in the Hong Kong tourism market and hope that this theme park can attract more tourists from all over the world and bring more new opportunities for industry development.

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