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Blizzard has always known how to listen to its fans to refine its games and offer very successful and balanced experiences. It was at their request that the studio launched World of Warcraft Classic.

When you are a development studio video games, taking player feedback into consideration is very important. On the one hand, this makes it possible to offer an always interesting gaming experience for said players, and on the other hand it gives them the feeling of belonging to a community that has a certain weight. A very important concept to retain customers. Blizzard understood that well. This is where it started World of Warcraft Classic.

Indeed, it is at the request of the fans that Blizzard had launched World of Warcraft Classic. For those who don’t know, this is the original version of World of Warcraft, the one that we could play in 2004. The game was then much more difficult than it is today insofar as it did not have all the small improvements and various functionalities which were added by Blizzard via the different extensions year after year.

And if you thought Blizzard was going to stop at this vanilla version of World of Warcraft, think again. The studio recently saw its press release for World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic leaked on the web, just hours before the opening of its virtual BlizzCon, renamed BlizzConline for the occasion.

Burning Crusade was the first expansion for World of Warcraft, it introduced races such as the Blood Elves on the Horde side and the Draene on the Alliance side as well as new areas. You could also now fly. In other words, if you miss that era, or if you are just curious, this World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic is for you.

However, the question must be asked: what are Blizzard’s plans for this Classic series. Will the studio stop with this Burning Crusade Classic? Will it reserve the same treatment for the next expansion, namely Wrath of the Lich King? After all, if they keep (re) releasing these expansions, they’ll eventually catch up with the normal version of the game and it wouldn’t make sense to have the two in parallel. There is no doubt in any case that Blizzard will share all the details of this Burning Crusade Classic during its BlizzConline. to follow !

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