Worlds Untold: Former Mass Effect Lead Writer Mac Walters’ New Studio Announcement and Game Development

2023-11-17 10:22:00

Mass Effect lead writer Mac Walters left BioWare back in January, but as a prominent RPG creator he won’t be without a gig for long, and now NetEase has announced his new studio Worlds Untold. Worlds Untold will first develop an action-adventure game set in the near future. In addition to Walters, other game industry veterans are on board, including Elisabeth Lehtonen (The Sims, Dragon Age, Ramil Sanga, Mass Effect, Dragon Age) “Anthem”), Ben Goldstein (“Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag”) and Sotaro Tojima (“Metal Gear Solid”, “Halo”). “We are creating incredible and meaningful stories that we believe are best told and experienced through games. We start by building the world we all dream of discovering, then let players take the lead in the most unforgettable adventures,” Walter Si said. “The team at NetEase Games shares our vision and passion for leveraging leading technology to create the best new games. The support and creative freedom of their team allowed us to realize this vision.
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