“Worse than the corona virus”: empty shelves in Italian shops – but this pasta is left behind by the Italians

Parts of Italy are in a state of emergency due to the Corona virus. Among other things, people react with hamster purchases. But they avoid a certain food.

Boxes with smooth pasta remain in the Italian supermarkets. An ironic debate has flared up on Twitter about the worst kind of pasta in Italy.

Picture: Andrea Canali / EPA

Italy loves its pasta. No meal without spaghetti al pomodoro, fusilli al ragu ‘or tagliatelle alla Bolognese. Italy understands pasta no fun – not even in times of the corona virus. This proves a tweet by the user diodeglizilla, who generated 15,863 likes and 419 comments up to Tuesday, and was shared almost 3000 times.

But what happened?

“Absolute Evil”

In Italy, seven people died of the Corona virus by Tuesday, and over 200 people were infected. For fear, numerous Italians stormed the shops and hammered groceries.

Empty shelves in an Italian grocery.

Sarah Weber

The Twitter post shows an almost empty cleared pasta shelf of an Italian supermarket. All that’s left is a pair of sacks of “penne lisce” – smooth, non-grooved penne pasta that the sauce doesn’t hold.

The Twitter post says: “I keep looking at this photo I took earlier in the supermarket, and I think the biggest loser of this virus is the Penne lisce. Even if they panic and prepare for the apocalypse, the Italians find shit. »

Another Twitter user finds even clearer words:

«Pasta liscia is absolute evil. More than the corona virus. »

Italians don’t eat smooth penne even in times of need

As a result, a discussion broke out on Twitter about the worst type of pasta, as reported by the Italian “Huffington Post”. User Suzukimaruti, for example, declares Farfalle to be the most hated pasta variety in Italy, which people ignore in times of need. But he, too, cannot get anything from the scorned Penne lisce. He asks:

«Is there a logical way to cook penne lisce? Or are you a historical accident? »

But there are obviously Italians who like smooth penne. User Moonchild writes: «Today is the day of my coming-out. I like smooth pasta and I break spaghetti before I cook it. I said it. »

Hamster purchases make little sense

Ironically, the Corona virus is spreading more and more in Italy, from Lombardy to southern Sicily to neighboring Austria. The situation remains serious.

Whether Team Penne lisce or Team Penne rigate: Attilio Fontana, President of Lombardy, told the Huffington Post that hamster purchases would make no sense. There are enough supplies.

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