Wu Zongxian happily posted “Holding Grandson’s Meng Photos” with a loving face and a bright smile. The Internet melted: I am so happy|Entertainment|CTWANT

2023-05-27 14:18:37

Wu Zongxian posted a photo of himself holding his little grandson on the 27th. (Photo/Flipping photo of Wu Zongxian’s Facebook page)

Sandy Wu Shanru married her husband Mr. Wang early last year, and announced her pregnancy in September of the same year. Her baby son “Mason Xiaojunyi” was born at the end of March, and fans have expressed their blessings. Wu Zongxian also posted a photo of himself holding his little grandson on the 27th, smiling brightly, with happiness written all over his face.

Wu Zongxian posted a photo of holding his little grandson on Facebook on the 27th. It can be seen that he is holding Xiao Chuyi in his arms, holding the baby’s head with one hand, and holding the baby’s body with the other hand, with a bright face Smiles and happiness are all written on his face. He also wrote in the article, “Haha. Life. The simplest happiness. Big baby’s little baby.”

After the photo was exposed, it immediately aroused heated discussions. Fans praised and commented “It’s really a happy thing to have a grandson, everything is enough”, “The baby is really cute, bless Brother Xian”, “So happy”, “Super happy” Cute, snuggling in Grandpa’s arms”, “This grandpa is too handsome”.

However, when Wu Zongxian was interviewed earlier, he said that his daughter’s confinement condition recovered very well, and said that she wanted to have 4 children, but she was suspected of being slapped in the face by Sandy. How many children we have, how many children we can have, how many children we want to have… These are all private matters of our husband and wife. Many things have not been said, and many people have not listened to what they said. Hahaha, sorry.”

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