Xbox 360 Old Work: Black Ops II and Modern Warfare 3 Matchmaking Fixed – Join the Nostalgia Party!

2023-07-18 12:05:01

“Black Ops II” (Black Ops II) and “Modern Warfare 3” (Modern Warfare 3) of the “Call of Duty” series have recently ushered in a large number of players returning to Xbox 360. Suddenly thousands of people are online at the same time. What the hell is going on! ? The reason is that some netizens discovered that the matching function of the old Xbox 360 “Decisive Moment” was suddenly repaired, and it was even possible to play online. (Originally, there were problems such as not being able to find the game lobby, and the number of people online was wrong.) As the news spread, more and more people picked up these old games for aftertaste. THEY FIXED MATCHMAKING ON XBOX 360 CALL OF DUTYS!!! — Zekco Trickshots (@ZekcoFS) July 12, 2023 “Xbox 360 old work, “Black Ops II” and “Modern Warfare 3” ditto the relatively obvious increase in the number. Black Ops 2 has over 10,000 players online on Xbox 360 with matchmaking working again. — CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) July 16, 2023 Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 had over 7,000 players active with matchmak ing working again. pic — CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) July 16, 2023 However, according to IGN, only the Xbox 360 can pair normally. Will it be fixed. Are you excited? To join the nostalgia party, don’t worry that the Xbox 360 has been retired for years. Currently, both Xbox Series X|S and One series hosts support backward compatibility, and can play games such as “Black Ops 2” and “Modern Warfare 3”, and simulate the operation and online functions of Xbox 360 hosts.

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