Xbox Series X Console Wraps: The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Console for a Unique Gaming Experience

2023-08-22 07:19:52

It seems that the next step is to challenge the surrounding manufacturers. Microsoft released the new Xbox Series X console shell surrounding “Xbox Series X Console Wraps” and launched two series of “Starfield” and camouflage, with a total of three styles. “Xbox Series X Console Wraps” is now open for pre-order and is expected to start shipping on November 10, with a listing price of US$45 (equivalent to approximately NT$1,440). A concept that sells itself rather than handing it over to someone else. The peripherals of the host shell launched by Microsoft are somewhat similar to “putting a layer of shell” on the outside of the host. The panel is assembled by the player himself, without tools or adhesives; and the inner layer is cushioned to avoid scratching the host body. Microsoft simultaneously showed the flat map and assembly reference around the “Xbox Series X Console Wraps”. The surrounding appearance of the shell of “Starfield”.

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