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Xia Keli celebrates her daughter Xia Tian’s birthday

Sina Entertainment News on the 2nd, Xia Keli[微博]Post for daughter summer[微博]Birthday, and said she could not be reached: “Happy Birthday My Little Monkey! Wish I could celebrate with you.

It’s my daughter’s birthday today, but I’m in Taiwan and can’t reach her or send her a birthday card that I know she’ll receive, so I’m just posting it on Weibo. “

Xia Keli revealed that he has not seen his daughter for a year: “Dear baby, how I wish I could hug you, because I haven’t seen you for a year. How I want to say happy birthday to you personally. Dad spanned half a year The earth is just to be able to see you and celebrate your birthday with you. But I can’t see you. My little monkey, please remember that Dad loves you very much and misses you very much.” Previously, Xia Keli sued Huang Jiaqian[微博]Not allowing himself to see his daughter, Huang Jiaqian claimed that Xia Keli was a domestic violence victim, and the divorce lawsuit between the two has not yet announced the result.

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