Xiaomi: German IT Security Analyzes Phones

Xiaomi faces a new expertise in Europe, after responding to questions from the Lithuanian government according to the word censorship and blocking keys associated with the sovereignty of Taiwan and Tibet from a Mi 10T. Upon investigation, It is now the German Ministry of the Interior who takes the lead in a new process to identify if the team is really capable of doing this block.

In accordance with Reuters, the BSI – the Office of Information Security – you are conducting a technical examination of a phone from Xiaomi firm, although it was not specified what type of evaluation is being carried out. Following the complaint by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, Berlin wants to clear up any doubts

Xiaomi hires external experts

Following the announcement about the alleged monitoring of keywords from the Mi 10T, Xiaomi responded to the Lithuanian government noting that they are subject to all the conditions of the European Union. “Xiaomi has never restricted or blocked, nor will it in the future, any personal behavior of the users of our smartphones, such as: searches, calls, web browsing or the use of third-party communication software”, mentions the global statement.

Along with this response, the technology brand indicated that it will hire the services of a specialized firm to support its position.

“While we dispute the characterization of certain findings, we are hiring an independent external expert to evaluate the points raised in the report,” said a Xiaomi spokesperson to Reuters. However, it is unknown which company will be in charge of this control, although the firm stressed that it will be a European entity.


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