Xie Xin was shocked to report that she lost her way on the mountain and “lost contact for 1.5hr”. The mountain friends frantically called and there was no response… An aerial camera was dispatched to find people | Entertainment | CTWANT

2023-04-30 14:23:49

Xie Xin recently challenged to climb Lingming Mountain, but got lost and lost contact with her companions during the process. (Picture / Reposted from Xie Xin IG)

Artist Huang Muyan (Little Pig) recently formed a group with Bian Qinghua, Tian Wuyang, Zhu Yumou (Wish) and others to challenge Lingming Mountain, one of Taiwan’s hundred mountains. On the way, it was reported that her companions lost their way and lost contact. It was reported that one of them was Xie Xin. What do you do? No one could be found by calling or shouting. Fortunately, I finally returned home safely. It was just a false alarm.

Huang Muyan posted an article on IG on the 20th of this month, mentioning that a companion started climbing 5 minutes earlier this time, but unexpectedly went the wrong way, and disappeared after posting the pictures and texts of getting lost, which frightened the whole group. There was no response to calling their names, and they even dispatched drones to search for various hills. As a result, there was no signal during the process, and they thought it was a crash, but they only cared about the safety of people.

Huang Muyan and her party were quite anxious. (Picture / flip from Huang Muyan IG)

When a group of people were in a state of desperation, they suddenly received a message that they had found their way. The two messages were separated by an hour and a half. It was only later that they found out that the teammate who got lost heard the call, but the person who took the lead and went the wrong way did not. “Ignore” and stick to your own line. Thankfully everyone was safe in the end, but with this experience, Huang Muyan warned: “Please choose mountain friends carefully.”

According to the “Sanli News” report, Xie Xin was one of the lost people. She and two other mountain friends got lost accidentally, and they didn’t know where they were when they got there. After a lot of effort, they finally reunited with everyone. . The agent said that he didn’t know the process, but everyone returned safely, reminding you to pay attention to safety when climbing the mountain. And Xie Xin also wrote down his feelings after climbing the mountain: “The complex thoughts weaved in the mountains for 2 days and 2 nights are difficult to get rid of for a while. In the process of conquering the mountain, it is awe, and in the process of going down the mountain safely, it is nostalgia.” .

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