‘Yada’ won the vice-champion of the Taekwondo World Youth Championship

‘Yada’ won the vice-champion of the Taekwondo World Youth Championship

“Nong Pin” Yada Saengthong missed the gold medal Junior Taekwondo World Championships, Sofia World Taekwondo Cadet Championships 2022 in Sofia Bulgaria Unfortunately after losing to the kicker from Iran, while “Nong Ismi” Phurich Madsaman, 41 kg male model, won the bronze medal.

The Sophia World Taekwondo Cadet Championships 2022 in Sofia Bulgaria Day 3 of the competition This program competes in a winning system of 2 in 3 rounds, with today 3 Thai athletes entering the field, consisting of “Ismi” Phurich Madsaman, 41 kg male model, “Tab Boek” Chaithat Akrawutphan, 45 kg model, male and “Pin” Yada Sangthong, 44 kg model, female

“Pin” Yada Saengthong who made good results from the first round Reached the semifinals to meet with Mubina Babasaidova, an athlete from Uzbekistan, who played in the first round of fun. The score was tied at 6-6, but the athletes from Uzbekistan It was the winner because it scored better techniques. Round 2 “Nong Pin” accelerated to score some defeats 10-5, tied at 1-1, had to decide in the 3rd round, it appeared that both of them played very close before “Nong Pin will win 14-10 points, causing Nong Pin to win 2-1 in rounds, passing into the final with Nori Parnian from Iran. but did not reach before losing 4-8 in the second round Nong Pin rushed to score but was countered causing Pin to lose another 5-11, causing Nong Pin to lose 2-0 for rounds, only grabbing a silver medal to console him.

Yada said that today it’s very sad that she couldn’t win the gold medal. But I did my best High competitors do not score well. error in some strokes need a lot of practice We can’t just stop here. Entering the world-class competition for the first time with a good kicker Getting to the finals is considered okay. From now on, we need to improve ourselves a lot. The next event may be to compete in the Asian Championships. and will be able to win a gold medal

“Ismi” Phurich Matsaman, 41 kg, 14-year-old male, took the bronze medal to consolation after losing 1-2 to Cortes Labastida Guilemo from Mexico, in the first round, Ismi did well. Than to win before 16-10 points, in the second round, Ismi was squeezed by Guillemo until the score was not set up, lost out of the score 1-13, tied at 1-1, round must be decided in the final round, it appears that Both of them had a fun rhythm to score. But in the end, he lost the score at the end of the 4-6 round and only got a bronze medal.

As for “Tubberk” Chaithat Akrawutphan, 45 kg model, 14-year-old male, made an excellent start since the first round before reaching the quarterfinals Or in the bronze medal match with Evin Emre from Turkey, who in the first round showed excellent form. Beat the score 14-1, but the second round was hit by Turkish athletes. Squeeze and kick 3 points in the face until losing 11-19 points. In the final round, Thap Boek also accelerated the game, but was countered by Turkish athletes until losing another 8-10 points, missed the medal, unfortunately.

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