Yageo aims to become the world’s most important passive component factory in the next 5 years | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Passive component manufacturer Yageo (2327-TW) Chairman Chen Taiming said today (30) that he is confident that it will become the world’s most important passive component manufacturer in the next five years.

Chen Taiming was invited back to Chenggong University, his alma mater, to give a speech on “standing on the shoulders of giants and looking far into the distance”. Talking about the future vision, he said that the current revenue of Yageo is 1.5 times that of other domestic listed passive components companies combined, and the profit It is 2.2 times, but the scale is not the largest in the world.

However, Chen Taiming is optimistic that Yageo’s products have a variety of applications, ranging from mobile phones, electric vehicles to fighter jets. With differentiated strategies and one-stop services, the solutions provided have been affirmed by customers, and the stickiness has been improved. It seems that there are already customers in the layout. 6G, Yageo is the first supply chain in their minds.

Chen Taiming further pointed out that if Yageo wants to become the most important manufacturer in the world in the next five years, it is necessary to supplement its technology and talents, because as long as the same technology can be developed, Yageo’s services and solutions will definitely replace other competitions. The opponent’s first choice, so it also cooperates with Chengda to strengthen the talent and technology layout.

Judging from the global market share of Yageo’s current products, chip resistors are 34%, the world’s first, tantalum capacitors have a market share of 43%, and MLCC and power inductors are both 15% and the world’s third; 47 sales locations, 42 production locations, and 20 R&D centers. Chen Taiming said that in the future, he also plans to transfer all global R&D and high-end product manufacturing centers back to Taiwan.

In addition to sharing business strategies, Chen Taiming also gave employment advice to the younger brothers and sisters in the audience. He believes that fresh people do not have to go all out to enter the popular industry after graduation. It is better to find an industry that is interesting and suitable for the ability. It may be unpopular but there are more There is a great chance of success. He is also on the scene for Yageo to recruit talents. “Join Yageo, you can see the whole world.”

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