Yamamoto’s Transfer to Major Leagues: Mets Struggle to Acquire Pitcher

2023-11-11 00:04:30

Martino: “The Mets will have a harder time recruiting than the Yankees”

Pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who aims to transfer from Orix to the major leagues using the posting system, is expected to be in a hotly contested contract, with US media predicting a contract worth 200 million dollars (approximately 30.2 billion yen). But the Mets are already reportedly going to struggle.

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Andy Martino, a reporter for New York broadcaster SNY, said, “The bidding process hasn’t even started yet, but the early impression from people with knowledge of GM meetings is that the Mets will have a harder time acquiring Yamamoto than the Yankees.” However, both teams will be involved (with Yamamoto).”

At a general manager meeting held in Scottsdale, Arizona, on the 8th (9th Japan time), Head of Programming David Stearns said that he had no comment on Yamamoto, but said, “Whenever we spend money, we always look at the owner. “We will have discussions with the team, but Steve has made it clear that he will continue to invest in this team so that we can put a winning team on the field.”

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