Yoga Influencer Jessamyn Stanley: “The Yoga Industry Is Totally Fake!” – Exercise & Fitness

2023-05-29 05:00:00

Jessamyn Stanley is fat, black and queer. She has little to do with the filtered yoga world full of thin, white athletes doing perfect handstands in front of an impressive beach backdrop. And she gives courses for everyone who feels the same way. That’s a lot: In 2014, Stanley started publishing yoga videos on YouTube, and now she has her own app. “The Underbelly” – named after the lower belly, which many often want to hide and which Jessamyn consciously celebrates in her videos. During the pandemic, the number of users of her yoga app grew fivefold, and she is now followed by well over half a million people on Instagram. With them she shares the core message from her first book “Every Body Yoga”, which has now also been published in German: Yoga is for everyone – or should be again. Because nowadays the practice is too firmly anchored in the white upper class, Stanley finds and calls for more variety on the mat.

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