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Is a minor relegation a realistic option?

On the 3rd (Japan time 4th), the Pirates took the “DFA” procedure to remove infielder Yoshitomo Tsutsugo from the 40-man quota, which is a prerequisite for participating in the majors, and effectively made him out of the force. What worries me is my future retirement. Trade Rumors, the largest transfer information site in the United States, predicted, “In any case, it is certain that Weber will not get a call.”

Joined the Pirates in the middle of last season and demonstrated his presence with a bat. He will remain on a one-year contract this season, but left in May due to an injury. 171 with 2 homers and 19 RBIs in 50 games so far.

In the future, he will be waived and will have to wait for offers from other teams, but the reality is that there are few teams that are actively moving since the trade period has just ended. In addition, the media said, “There is still a burden of 1.4 million dollars (about 180 million yen) out of the annual salary of 4 million dollars (about 530 million yen) this season.” mention.

A realistic choice is a minor relegation or a release. Either way, a thorny road awaits. However, the Rays became a DFA last season, and after being under the Dodgers, he recovered with the Pirates. The determination of the indomitable main gun is noteworthy.

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