You will not believe who is the artist who charmed the action star Van Damme in “Ramez Movie Star” .. A famous star could not withstand her extreme beauty!! who are you ?

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The artist, Ramez Jalal, managed to catch the Tunisian artist Dora, to fall into his prank, which was recently shown in the month of Ramadan, Ramez Movie Star.

International star Jean-Claude Femme Dam had praised the beauty of Tunisian artist Dora, during their first meeting on the pranks program “Ramez Movie Star”, in which he participated to lure the victims.

Van Dam had met the artist Dora in the caravan before filming the fake scene on the program, and he welcomed her, saying: “I am very happy to work with you, and I did not imagine the presence of an actress of this beauty.” The presenter, Ramez Jalal, commented, “Oh, if you see Badriya Talaba, what will you do?” .

The reactions of the followers in the media sites varied after the completion of the Ramez Movie Star program, stressing that she is the artist that Van Damme most admired, after watching all the episodes of the program.

It is worth noting that the Ramez Movie Star program was filmed for the next year in a row in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it was well received by many fans.

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