You will not believe who is the secret lover of the great artist Mervat Amin! Alaa Morsi exposed the hidden secret without shame in public!!

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The Egyptian actor, Alaa Morsi, revealed during his dialogue on the Al-Arafa program, presented by the media, Basma Wahba, and broadcast on the axis screen, boldly and without shame, that for 25 years he has been madly in love with the great artist Mervat Amin, but he did not authorize her at all, despite his work with her in one of the works. .

He explained that he loved her in silence as she was his secret lover, describing his love for her as amazing, as he used to sleep and wake up to her love, and the matter is still with him, but he cannot talk to her or in front of her about a matter like this.

He also talked about his relationship with colleagues from his artistic beginnings, such as Mohamed Henedy, Ahmed El-Sakka, Ahmed Ezz and Ahmed Rizk.

He continued that he complimented many of his colleagues, at the expense of himself, as he presented many scenes of shame and compliment to his friends, and discovered his mistake.

Finally, he added that the accumulation of domains is not a good thing at all, stressing: “I do not justify the failure I have experienced, and unfortunately if a friend of mine asks for his compliment now, I will also go out to compliment him.”

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