You will not believe who the wife of the artist Mustafa Shaaban was, because of which he did not marry again.. The reason for their divorce is very shameful!

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The first appearance of the artist, Mostafa Shaaban, on the cinema screen, was in a small role of no more than 8 scenes with director Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab in the 1996 movie Romantica.

Then the star participated in the movie The Captain in 1997, then he won the Best Actor Award for the movie “A Girl from Israel” in 1999 and the movie “Honor” in 2000 to launch after that in 2001 with a series of works, the most famous of which was the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally” which became the subject of Mustafa Shaaban Mahal’s marriage The interest of the public, as many believe that the artist has never married, and this is not correct, as he has previously married once to a girl outside the artistic community called Yasmine.

What many people do not know is that Mustafa Shaaban was linked to his ex-wife, whom he met in a gym, in 2006, and a love story fell between them at first sight, which prompted him to marry her.

After the marriage took place, disputes occurred quickly between the duo. The girl with whom he was related from outside the artistic community did not know how to relate to an artist. Disagreements occurred between them because of jealousy, which is a reason some saw as shameful for the ruin of an existing family home, and it was said at the time that because of her attempts to interfere also in Mustafa’s choices. Shaaban Technical by looking at the script.

Mustafa Shaaban’s marriage ended quickly, as it did not last more than 7 months, during which the two parties settled on divorce and the wife fulfilled her rights and the matter was over.

Since that time, Mustafa Shaaban has kept his personal life away from the media, in addition to maintaining his celibacy, after which he did not announce his marriage again.

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