Culture Entertainment Plus BTS J-Hope enlisted as an active duty soldier today

2023-04-17 22:32:40

J-Hope, a member of BTS, is enlisting today as the second member after Jin, the eldest member.

J-Hope revealed to the fan community that he is now indifferent.

[제이홉/그룹 방탄소년단]

″A week ago, I had a little bit of this feeling, but now I think it’s okay so much that I wonder if it’s okay to be like this. Have I become grave… ″

Ahead of his enlistment, J-Hope said that time goes by really fast, and that he is calmer than he thought.

He also revealed that member Jin, who is his senior in enlistment, is helping him a lot.

Jin called once a day and was able to ask a lot of questions.

Following Jin, who enlisted in December of last year, J-Hope will enter a recruit training center in Gangwon-do as an active duty soldier today.

The agency said, “There is no separate official event.”

As there are concerns about safety accidents, we asked fans to refrain from visiting the site.

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