You will soon see new radars appear in construction areas

Section radars can now be mobile and placed in construction areas to guarantee more safety for workers on the edge of roads. roads but also motorists.

This new type of radar will initially be placed in areas of motorway construction sites. This will make it possible to control motorists over the entire length of the construction zone.

This type of radar is more efficient than a radar fixe to drop the speed. Drivers are used to braking a few meters before a fixed speed camera and accelerating once they have passed it. This practice is not possible with a radar section.

In Belgium, there is an accident in a construction site every two days. According to the VIAS Road Safety Institute, 7 out of 10 drivers say they do not slow down in work zones.

According to VIAS, the severity of accidents is 30% more serious in construction areas. In one case on two they involve a truck and in one case four, they involve a van, therefore heavier vehicles than conventional cars.

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