Young was ashamed of his height; now he takes advantage of it

A young woman from Florida, identified as Marie Temara was ashamed of her height, she is almost 1.90 meters (6’1), this made her life complicated during her childhood and adolescence, because she was always the tallest of her classes.

She became known after losing her job as an accountant in the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, she decided to upload a video on the social network TikTok to publicize his height, and given his “fame” he decided to take advantage of it and began posting photos on OnlyFansthis made him win until 100,000 dollars in a month.

He told The Mirror in an interview that during his years at school he suffered from bullying and harassment by his classmates. He is now happy with his size, because his followers love it.

“I started to feel proud of being tall. I brought six inch tacos to a bar I went to with my friends for the first time last year and it felt amazing. Everyone was looking at me, but I was happy. If people don’t like me because I’m tall, that’s their problem,” said the 27-year-old.

Marie’s family are all tall people, at the time she hated belonging to a “family of giants”, as she calls them. Her father is 1.67 metrosand his basketball-playing brothers are 2.05 metros.


Marie Temara, almost 1.90 meters tall, surpasses the door frame. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

“I always hated being so tall and wished I could be like one of the other girls. When I first posted a video saying I was almost 6’3″ and weighing 200lbs, I couldn’t believe the response. All the feedback was positive and lovely.” said.

“I went from being the person no guy liked to being the person everyone thought was pretty. Many girls messaged me privately saying that it meant a lot to them to have someone to look up to,” she added.

He claimed that during his time at school he was a head taller than the others. They used to call her a boy because she was taller, which was difficult for her. During high school she began to walk hunched over, “doing everything to look shorter.”

sell photos on OnlyFans means an income of 80,000 and 100,000 dollars a month for Marie, although she still has problems in her daily life. Her feet “hang” off the bed, she is uncomfortable in her vehicle, and she has to bend over a lot under the shower.

“Someone suggested that I should try OnlyFans after watching my TikTok videos, so I started in 2021. Now I earn in a month what I used to earn in a year,” he says happily.

In the future, he wants to open his own accounting firm so as not to leave his professional career behind.

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