Xu Qiaoxin’s “rabbit” voice accepts Peng Wenzheng’s exclusive interview and the reason for “beating the DPP to death” is exposed-Politics

Xu Qiaoxin accepted an exclusive interview with Peng Wenzheng on the first day of the Lunar New Year (22nd). (Taken from Peng Wenzheng’s “Politics and Economy Cannot Be Closed”)

Peng Wenzheng, a senior media professional and a professor at the Front Office News Institute, had an exclusive video interview with Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin of the Kuomintang on the first day of the Lunar New Year (22nd). He asked Xu Qiaoxin seriously why the Kuomintang is so weak? Xu Qiaoxin believes that after so many years, the Kuomintang has always felt that it has the halo of being in power, without the wildness of the opposition party, and will consider too much in supervision.

Xu Qiaoxin gave an example. She exposed the “Chen Shizhong holding hands photo” during the election last year. Some people in the party said that this should not be done, but her idea was, “I don’t care, I will meet that girl today, even if she is not uncomfortable. , When you become the mayor in the future, will the Ministry treat other girls? This is a public matter, and those who want to be the mayor do not need to accept the test?”

“Unless it’s a fake, as a representative of public opinion, I’m also an elector, supervising the mayoral candidates. What’s wrong? I don’t care about them. You can say whatever you want. Anyway, my mother wants to announce it. I don’t care!” Xu Qiaoxin emphasize.

Xu Qiaoxin bluntly said that she didn’t care about any social pressure, and it was because of this incident that she later exposed the flanking cyber army. Did Chen Shizhong interact with these flanking cyber army? The whole thing is connected in series, how can there be an end without a beginning?

“Political matters, we are also crossing the river by feeling the stones and taking risks. Only by taking risks can we gain,” Xu Qiaoxin said. Let me tell you that there is no such thing as a sure win!”

Xu Qiaoxin also revealed her thoughts. She regards political party competition as a competition. Will she let water out when playing basketball? impossible! Letting water out is disrespecting the other party, “Today is because I respect the DPP. I know they are very strong, so I will not miss any opportunity, just beat to death. This is my way of respecting you!”

Article Source:Qiaoxin Qiaoxin won the first Peng Wenzheng: The little girl back then has grown up

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