Yousafali’s statement: Enforcement Directorate seeks legal advice

Kochi / Dubai ∙ The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has sought legal advice regarding recording the statement of expatriate businessman MA Yousafali in the Vadakancheri Life Mission Commission black money transaction and diplomatic parcel gold smuggling cases.

The ED issued a notice on 1st and 8th of this month to give a statement in connection with the case, but the inconvenience was reported. Legal advice was sought before issuing the notice again for the third time. The ED’s position is that the statements of Yousafali, who the accused themselves believe to be extremely opposed to the crimes committed by the accused in a case directly related to national security, are very crucial for the investigation of the case.

Lulu Group Chairman M.A. Yousafali said that ED has not called him to give a statement and he is not afraid of the jabs on the social media. Lulu Group has expressed its willingness to cooperate with investigations. Statement will be given if requested.

Yousafali, as the Vice President of the UAE Chamber of Commerce, was in the delegation that handed over 20 crore rupees of aid from the Red Crescent, a voluntary organization in the UAE, to Life Mission. It is in this context that the ED is seeking information.

English Summary: MA Yusuf Ali may be summoned as witness by Enforcement Directorate

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