YouTuber Norman Thavaud in police custody for rape and corruption of minors

Norman Thavaud, who is suspected of raping several young women and bribing minors, was questioned by investigators on Monday.

According to information obtained by the newspaper Release, the legal proceedings opened against the youtubeur last January made it possible to trace at least six complainants. Five of them accuse him of rape and at least two were minors at the time of the alleged facts.

Denunciations targeting Thavaud multiplied from the summer of 2020 after a Quebecer, who was 16 at the time of the events, denounced the actions of the 31-year-old star on Instagram.

Supporting photos and screenshots, the young woman publicly accused him of having manipulated her to obtain photos and videos of her of a sexual nature and of having exerted a psychological influence on her from of 2018.

A complaint also in Canada

The young woman had also filed a complaint against Thavaud in Quebec.

As part of a Franco-Quebec survey published by Urbania in April 2021, other women had made similar accusations against the youtubeur for facts that allegedly occurred when some of them were minors.

Questioned by AFP, the young Quebecer confirmed that she was in France to meet the investigators and confront her alleged attacker.

Behind the popular YouTube channel Norman makes videosThavaud has become one of the most followed on the Internet, even buying Mixicom, which brings together famous web comedians, including Cyprien and Squeezie, who share with him the podium of the most followed video producers in France.

Lucas Hauchard, aka Squeezie, in one of his videos posted on YouTube. (Archives)

Photo: Screenshot (Squeezie)

Norman Thavaud is one of the pioneers of podcasts in France with the publication on social networks of sketches depicting the banalities of everyday life.

His YouTube videos have been viewed more than 2.7 billion times, according to an official tally.

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