Zena deified Plutarch [βίντεο] – 2024-04-15 06:05:40

A little later, the well-known public relations manager Haris Sianidis was added to their company.

The singer did not stop for a minute to deify Yannis Plutarchos while singing each of his songs, showing that she enjoys her presence in the store.

The singer followed his favorite habit of greeting his audience and that’s how he ended up next to Peggy Zina. He immediately gave her the microphone to perform her hits that we all loved. The singer said “We came here today to celebrate my brother, the best singer of his generation. And Konstantinos and I said to come and enjoy it tonight. My love!”. To answer Yannis Plutarchos “Thank you very much for coming here today. Well he is the best voice in Greece. What can you say? Whatever he says, he says it well. It never stops. Even if you push her.” Immediately after, Peggy Zina performed “Matono”.

Immediately after, Konstantinos Christoforou took the microphone, who expressed his love for Yiannis Plutarchos by performing his favorite song “Pernas Kala”.

Naturally, the people did not stop for a minute to idolize their favorite singers while the flowers rained down.

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