Zhang Yucheng Injury Update: Red Sox Player Collides with Runner and Suffers Concussion – Latest News and Return Date

2023-09-23 10:54:43

(Central News Agency reporter Xie Jingwen, Taipei, 23rd) Taiwanese player Zhang Yucheng of the Boston Red Sox in the United States collided with a runner while on fielding at the beginning of the game and suffered a slight concussion. He was later placed on the disabled list. He still felt dizzy and vomiting in the middle of the month. Zhang Yucheng is expected to return to Taiwan on the 27th.

Zhang Yucheng, a Taiwanese player of the Boston Red Sox who lives in the United States, played in a minor league 3A game on the 2nd Taiwan time. He collided with a runner and fell to the ground during the 4th inning of fielding. He left the field to rest with the support of his teammates. Afterwards, Zhang Yucheng also posted on his personal social networking site Facebook reported the injuries, stating that he had soreness in his right shoulder and left face, ear trauma, and a slight concussion.

Zhang Yucheng was placed on the seven-day disabled list by the team on the 3rd. Later, Zhang Yucheng also updated his injury status again, saying that he would have a follow-up visit on the 14th. The doctor asked him to do a few movements, but he still felt dizzy and even about to vomit. Zhang Yucheng will also undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination. Regarding Zhang Yucheng’s condition after the MRI examination, the brokerage company said that there are currently no results from the examination, and if there is further information, it will be explained to the public.

Zhang Yucheng played in 39 games in the major leagues this season, with a total of 105 at-bats and 17 hits, including 6 home runs, with a batting average of 162. The Red Sox announced on August 9 that Zhang Yucheng would be designated for transfer. (DFA), after that Zhang Yucheng decided to stay in the Red Sox system and was transferred to the minor league 3A.

Zhang Yucheng played a total of 16 games in the 3A minor league this season, scoring 20 hits in 62 at-bats, including 3 home runs, with a batting average of 323%. Zhang Yucheng’s minor league season is over and is expected to return to Taiwan on the 27th. He also mentioned that although it was a pity that he did not participate in the Asian Games, he would watch the broadcast on time and cheer for Taiwan. (Editor: Chen Zhengwei) 1120923

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