Zhang Zhiheng’s wife exposed her new home with a balcony view for her son’s birthday, and Yang Wenwen warned creditors that it is rare not to cut off seats with her husband | Sing Tao Daily

2023-05-27 12:55:00

Zhang Zhiheng’s wife exposed her new home with a terrace view for her son’s birthday

Since Zhang Zhiheng and his wife Wenwen got married, there have been many marriage changes. Even if the two had a lot of quarrels due to financial constraints, it did not stop them from having three children in succession. The relationship between Wenwen and Zhang Zhiheng made netizens unclear. Earlier, Wenwen moved with her three sons and three pet dogs alone. Although she did not disclose whether her husband Zhang Zhiheng lived with her, Wenwen shared recent photos with her son many times. On the camera, netizens questioned that Zhang Zhiheng and Zhang Zhiheng did not seem to have completely drawn the line, and earlier she accepted an exclusive interview with “Sing Tao Toutiao” and admitted that she had not separated from her husband. A few days ago, Wenwen Xizai celebrated her first birthday. Wenwen bought a birthday cake to celebrate with her son at home, and also bought balloon decorations to add atmosphere.

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[ClicktoseeWenwen suspects the interior of her new home】:

Wenwen shared a photo of Xizai’s birthday celebration on IG, and left a message saying: “1st birthday, I will do everything on your birthday. Your birth was not smooth and hard-won, so I cherish it even more. I spent a year in hospitals, clinics, health The next year will only be better, I love you. Try to be yourself and make you happy.” Maternal love oozes between the words, and many netizens leave messages of encouragement. In the recent photos she uploaded, you can even see the interior of her suspected new house, which she has never photographed before. It can be seen that the house has a small terrace, and the outside of the house is not close to the building. Although there is no beautiful view, it is still open.

After Wenwen decided not to rely on her husband Zhang Zhiheng, she started to rely on herself to run an online store for children’s clothing and pet food. She also served as a spokesperson for skin care products and worked hard to earn money to support her family. However, no amount of money seems to improve the debt problem. On Xizai’s birthday, Wenwen posted a limited-time post on IG, warning creditors from a distance: “Today is my son’s birthday. To think about the bad things, it’s hard to come by, I just hope that I can be happy today. If you want to come to me to regret or pursue anything, please come to me tomorrow.”

It is even more rare for Wenwen not to break up with her husband Zhang Zhiheng. She said: “Of course, my husband was chosen by me. When he dies, I will be responsible for everything. If he escapes, I will take it back. Don’t worry, I It’s my son’s birthday today, so I’ll survive!” It can be seen that their family has not yet resolved their debts, and Zhang Zhiheng often asks his wife Wenwen to come forward, and netizens think Wenwen is not worth it.

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