Zhao Shaokang certified! “This God of War” is expected to wear a blue robe to vote for Kaohsiung mayor. Nets burst into tears – Politics – Zhongshi News

The election of the head of the county and city will be held at the end of the year, and who will be sent by the Kaohsiung mayor of the Kuomintang to participate in the war has attracted political attention. It is rumored that Ke Zhien, the executive director of the Kuomintang think tank, was named to fight. Ke said that the party chairman Zhu Lilun had indeed consulted her. If she was the highest in the polls conducted by the Party Central Committee, then she would accept it. Zhao Shaokang, chairman of Zhongguang Group, said that it was “not bad” for Ke Ruo to fight for the mayor of Kaohsiung. This news caused heated discussions, and a large number of netizens couldn’t help but sigh, why did the Kuomintang have such a hard time in Kaohsiung’s election?

Regarding the candidate for Kaohsiung mayor, Zhao Shaokang said in the program “Shaokang is Online” on the 9th that Ye Kuangshi, the former deputy mayor of Kaohsiung City, said it was impossible, and pointed out that Zhu Lilun had consulted him, he said he would not choose, and recommended Ke Zhien. Ke also confirmed that Zhu had persuaded him to enter, and Ke also said that if he won the poll, he would accept it.

In this regard, Zhao Shaokang believes that if Ke Zhien were to be the mayor of Kaohsiung, it would be “not bad” because Ke had a good image and was also the vice president of Tamkang University. The guest at the scene, Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Li Baiyi, said that Ke’s combat effectiveness is very strong, and Kaohsiung needs to fight a combative election campaign, instead of sending a perfunctory person. He expects excellent candidates to represent the Kuomintang. Elect the mayor of Kaohsiung.

The news sparked heated discussions, with netizens flocking to “Zhongshi News Network” and related Facebook links to leave a message: “It’s really sad to see, I want to cry, why did the Blue Camp fight so hard in Kaohsiung?” “Kaohsiung is the Holy Land of Green Camp. , what can I do? I can only cry”, “No matter who the Kuomintang sends, Kaohsiung will definitely lose!” “If 817 is ‘die loyal’, then Kaohsiung is full of die loyalty”, “Everyone doesn’t want to choose Kaohsiung, I feel that Ke Zhien is also a bit reluctant, but she is indeed a talent.” “Even if we lose this time, the Kuomintang can’t give up cultivating local generals, and raising soldiers can be used for a while.”

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