Zhen Zhen lost contact for half a year and was “witnessed and helped by someone.” His son’s abnormal behavior caused suspicion | Entertainment | CTWANT

Zhen Zhen and her son have lost contact with their relatives and friends for half a year. (Picture / newspaper information photo)

The 74-year-old actress Zhen Zhen has lost contact with the outside world since August last year. During this period, she told Moments through WeChat that she and her son Zhang Liheng (Liu Ziqian) were safe. Both mother and son were unable to meet. Recently, a friend told an eyewitness statement, saying that Zhen Zhen didn’t seem to be in good health a while ago and needed someone to help her.

According to “One Ping News Network” report, a close friend relayed that “someone saw Zhen Zhen in person a while ago.” However, Zhen Zhen was supported by someone at the time and her legs were very thin, so her physical condition did not seem to be ideal. After Zhen Zhen and her son went to Beijing last year to deal with the lawsuit with Liu Jiachang, they suddenly lost contact with the outside world, which made many relatives and friends quite worried. Although she and Zhang Liheng reported their safety through social media from time to time during this period, Zhen Zhen’s sister Yin Xia expressed that Wanting to know Zhen Zhen’s situation, the secretary of Hong Kong hung up the phone, and the article on the community said, “The text is not like the grammar of Zhen Zhen and Li Heng.”

During the Lunar New Year this year, although Zhang Liheng sent voice messages to reporters twice to report his safety, and Zhen Zhen posted a message saying that he would sell the house in Taipei City, but these were contrary to Zhen Zhen’s mother and son’s posting habits, especially Zhang Liheng did not often answer the phone before the message , people worry whether it is inconvenient for Zhen Zhen to send messages by voice, because Zhen Zhen has a history of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cataract surgery.

In addition, Zhen Zhen mentioned in the house selling article that she wanted to sell the house in Taipei because of “the epidemic situation, I have been back to Taipei for a few years”, and said: “I miss you very much, I guess we will soon We will meet again, bless you all.” Asked the netizen who replied “It will be difficult to see you in Taiwan in the future”, “We can move to Taichung to have dinner together, wish you all the best.”

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