‘Zipmex Victim’ reveals big lesson in Thai digital asset market

Mr. Phataraset Phromsawat, the representative of the victims in the case of ‘zip mex‘ revealed to the Bangkok Business that have invested in products Zipup+ Total amount of more than 500,000 baht, starting from the first investment approximately 40,000-50,000 baht in the middle of 2021 And get the rewards as Zipmex has said. make a decisionsavings investment or DCA Has invested more and more until it is worth more than 500,000 baht at the moment, including spreading the risk to other boards.

Basically, Mr. Phataraset He is knowledgeable in investing in the crypto market to a certain extent. who have knowledge and understanding of the volatility of this market as well as being able to accept risks in the market And believe that other investors who come to invest in this market need to study enough information

Mr. Phataraset began to enter the market.cryptoby trading on the board ‘Bit‘ and go to try foreign boards like ‘Binance’ and come back to use ‘Zipmex’.

for investing in multiple boards to diversify risk But there is a key need on Zipmex’s ‘ZipUp’ product board to save. Although during this period The crypto market will decline. But he wants to invest in the long term to wait for the market to rise and sell to make a profit.

“Investing in digital assets and earning 2-3% profit is guaranteed by government agencies. (The Securities and Exchange Commission or the SEC) which is to receive interest close to the bank But we want to hold digital assets. But the reason why we decided to invest is because unlike a chain of shares that is 10-20% more profitable than it actually is.

The ZIPMEX product leads the selling point here. Beat competitors on other forums and invites customers to invest with savings and a dividend yield of 2-3 percent interest, equivalent to the bank which he sees as having interest levels that are close to the bank as well as security because it has been certified by the SEC

including advertising in various forms such as posters on the streets social media ads and organizing events that makes customers or users experience together until they are confident

Before deciding to save money on Zipup+, it wasn’t known that Zipmex invested it in offshore boards. And did not know that he took our money to invest in a company that is currently illiquid. If you knew from the start It has been announced that where the money will be invested will be able to add more information for customers to make decisions. before investing

Because some people can take risks. But we want to invest money to save. which the money to invest to make that profit Investors can also do it on foreign platforms like Binance. without having to invest in Zipup+ at all.

By agreeing to the terms of Zipup+ on the application. There is ambiguity in the use of language. even if it’s in Thai But it is Thai that is translated from English that the language can squirm. or can understand many meanings And there are many victims who do not understand this information. Including during the day when certain requirements are changed. If you don’t press consent, you won’t be able to access the application.

'Zipmex Victim' reveals big lesson in Thai digital asset market

Although Mr. Eklarp Yimwilai, CEO of Zipmex Thailand Come out to live to clarify 5 issues on July 25, 2022 and have come out to show transparency uninterrupted.

But for Mr. Phataraset I admit that coming out live for the first time on July 20, 2022 is a good way to fix the situation to some extent. But it is also a unilateral communication without receiving feedback from customers and victims who wish to ask questions.

As with the latest statement on 25 July 2022, which is a response to questions that have made no progress and are not surprised. Including the claim that the company is doing deal diligence, which is something that anyone can say. Because there are many more details that need to be clarified. which the announcement made MOU It’s just what Zipmex can do right now.

Considered the story that happened this time. It is a story in history and a lesson for the Thai digital asset industry. That being supported by the SEC cannot guarantee the security of digital asset exchanges to the same standard.

Including this is the first time that a licensed exchange in Thailand is under the supervision of the SEC and is a very reliable exchange. This brings us back to ask about the clarity of the SEC’s laws and the gaps in the law that can’t comprehensively protect investors.

However, those who were damaged by the Zipmex case meet up at SEC On August 1 at 09.30, to submit an important letter – demanding the SEC to find a conclusion and a solution for those who have suffered damage

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