The Secretary of Health highlights the importance of attending to mental health to medical students

Mental health has become especially relevant after two years of the pandemic, which made it possible to make this problem visible and break stigmas, which is why work is being done to address this item at the three levels of care, said the head of the Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico, Francisco Fernandez Clamont.

Lecture “New model of mental health and suicide prevention”.

Within the framework of the 6th anniversary of a private higher education institution, he participated as a speaker with the theme “New model of mental health and suicide prevention” and highlighted that a reform of the General Health Law was promoted, with which managed to merge these topics with the theme of addictions.

Before medical students, he highlighted that since the beginning of the health emergency, according to the World and Pan-American Health Organizations, depression and anxiety problems have increased by 25 percent and even, he added, in the line of care implemented In the entity for the care of COVID-19, requests for psychological support were received, mainly for these two disorders.

In presenting the situation at the national level, the also General Director of the Institute of Health of the State of Mexico (ISEM), specified that although the entity does not occupy one of the first places in number of people affected in their mental health, given the panorama Currently, the federal government has prioritized the visibility and attention to this issue.

Subsequently, he addressed the prevention of suicide, which mainly affects young people, with a higher incidence among the male population, for which he asked future doctors not to ignore any symptom that could trigger a self-inflicted death.

He stressed that in order to provide timely care to people with psychological disorders, it is important to learn to identify the risk factors and behaviors that lead to a greater alteration in the first contact, for this reason they must be trained to know how to approach a patient and refer him in case necessary.

The Secretary of Health of the entity commented that in the State of Mexico there is an extensive infrastructure for mental health care and addictions, made up of 34 Primary Addiction Care Centers (CAPA), three Comprehensive Mental Health Centers ( CISAME) and three Psychiatric Hospitals, in addition to training staff at the three levels of care.

Before the Rector of the educational establishment, Enrique Gómez Bravo Topete, and accompanied by the Head of the ISEM Teaching, Research and Quality Unit, Humberto Botello Ortiz, and the Director of the “Mónica Pretelini Sáenz” Maternal Perinatal Hospital, José Anaya Herrera, He called young students to fulfill the life mission they chose as a profession.



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