13 judges to try the citizen who burned his family in Qatif, and to reveal the expected punishment against him if these matters are proven

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sources revealed that 13 judges are working to prove the extent of guilt against the citizen who killed 4 members of his family by burning after setting fire to the house in Safwa, Qatif Governorate.

According to Al-Watan newspaper, if it is proven by the legal and legal evidence before 13 judges that the offender committed his crime, taking advantage of the trust and confidence of the victims, and exploiting deception and deception to gather them in one place, close them tightly and then burn them, then the penalty of guilt will be applied to him.

The case will be presented to 13 judges in the following detail: Starting with three judges, and if they decide that the offender deserves the death penalty, they submit the entire case to the Court of Appeal to hear the case from 5 judges. The case is heard at several judicial levels, whether the defendant so requests or not, to enable him to defend himself and to ensure that he does not wrongly kill a person.

The offender will be killed and no one may pardon or intercede for him, and none of those he killed will inherit even if he is their only heir, as this crime is considered one of the biggest crimes and its punishment is one of the most severe punishments.

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