14 billion won virtual asset hacking suspect repatriated from Philippines

The National Police Agency forcibly repatriated A (46), a 46-year-old suspect in virtual asset hacking worth 14 billion won, arrested in cooperation with Philippine law enforcement agencies, through Incheon International Airport on the 23rd.

It was found that Mr. A, who was an IT engineer, conspired with domestic accomplices to hack one victim’s virtual assets, illegally acquired about 14 billion won, and then laundered the proceeds of the crime by withdrawing it from the Philippines.

After five months of tracking, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cyber investigation team identified two local hiding places in the Philippines where Mr. A is believed to have stayed, and requested international cooperation from the Interpol International Cooperation Division of the National Police Agency.

In response, the National Police Agency applied for Interpol Red Wanted for Mr. A, and ordered the ‘Korean Desk’ in the Philippines, a local police officer in charge of crimes related to Koreans, to quickly pursue him.

The Korean Desk cooperated with the local police and arrested Mr. A while working undercover near the hideout.

“This is an excellent case of cooperation that was arrested within a month of receiving the request for cooperation,” said Kang Ki-taek, head of the Interpol International Cooperation Division at the National Police Agency.

/yunhap news

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