14-year-old shoplifter caused 10,000 euros in damage

The teenager admitted that she had been stealing repeatedly since she was in elementary school because she didn’t get any pocket money. She was taken to the Graz-Jakomini prison and a report was also made to the Office for Youth and Family, the police said in a release.

Caught in a drugstore

The girl was caught red-handed stealing by employees of a drugstore on Tuesday evening. When questioned by the employees, the 14-year-old suddenly pulled out a pocket knife, threatened the employees and fled. A search was initially negative. Later that evening, the store’s facade was sprayed with paint. During the following investigations, the young person was finally identified as the perpetrator.

Mother doesn’t want to have noticed anything

A large amount of perfumes, bags and clothing were eventually seized in a basement compartment of her mother’s apartment. The total value of these stolen goods is likely to be over 10,000 euros. The teenager told police that in the past few weeks she had spent the night in shopping center toilet facilities and attended school during the day. The mother stated that she did not notice that her daughter was not at home.


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