2. Bundesliga: Hannover also without a win against Hansa Rostock, two goals disallowed | Sports

Huge disappointment in Hanover!

Even against Hansa Rostock, the first threesome of the year does not succeed! Only 1:1 – 96 is now eight games without a win. The crisis is getting worse. And next Sunday, the derby will take place in Braunschweig. Big chest is different.

Stefan Leitl can no longer win. And again Hannover has bad luck with decisions from the referee and VAR. Maxi Beier scores twice, but both goals are disallowed.

The first huge excitement in the 8th minute: After a super chipball from Besuschkow, Maxi Beier scored to make it 1-0 – but the goal was withdrawn after the VAR alarm. Ernst is said to have had his leg too high against Neidhart beforehand.

And groundhog day… A week ago in Fürth (1-1) Beier didn’t get a penalty because of a high leg. That too was only decided after VAR evidence.

1:0 for Rostock in the 44th minute. After a long throw-in by Ryan Malone, Phil Neumann clears the backfield to the edge of the penalty area, where Dennis Dressel maneuvers the ball into the top right corner with a lot of stupidity.

“We want to see you fight, we want to see you fight,” the horrified 96 fans keep shouting. From the Hansa curve it sounds scornfully: “Eintracht Braunschweig.” The derby will rise next Sunday.

Hansa gets point in Hanover VAR conceded 2 goals

96 fights back – and makes it 1-1 after 61 minutes: Goal scorer Dressel, of all people, extends a corner from substitute Sebastian Kerk in front of Besuschkow’s feet, who pushes the ball over the line.

96 on the way to the first win? It briefly looks like this.

66 minutes: The arena trembles. After a dream combination of Kerk and Köhn, Beier hits – but nothing 2:1. Referee Daniel Siebert has flagged offside. The second Beier goal this afternoon that doesn’t count. Very bitter for the boy and for 96.

World Champion Ron-Robert Zieler is in top form and at least holds the point. The 96 captain reacted brilliantly against John Verhoek (69th) and Ryan Malone (80th).

Unusually, 96 does not play in red, but in black special jerseys. They were limited (1896 pieces) and sold out within a few hours. Against Rostock, they look like mourning jerseys to many spectators – in view of the long winless…

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