2023 Gasoline Prices across South America: Find Out Where to Get the Cheapest Fuel

2023-12-06 12:43:30

The country in South America with the cheapest gasoline is Venezuela. Photo: composition by Fabrizio Oviedo/La República/BBC

Global Petrol Prices revealed its 2023 ranking of countries with the most expensive gasoline in the world. In the last edition, Hong Kong leads the list with US$3,103 for each liter, almost double that of the South American country, which surpasses Chile and Peru.

The countries with the cheaper gasoline They are Iran, Libya and Venezuela, with US$0.029; US$0.031 and US$0.035 per liter, respectively. We already know the South American country with the cheapest figures, now it will be the turn to meet the expensive one, which appears in the top 20 in the world.

Which is the South American country with the most expensive gasoline in 2023?

above Chile y Peru. Uruguay is the country in South America where a liter of gasoline costs US$1,978 or US$7,486 per gallon. These figures have even positioned it in the top 20 worldwide since 2022. But why is that?

Taxes on gasoline are the main reason for this situation, under the Government of the current president, Luis Lacalle Pou. With respect to oil, it costs the same for any country, including those that import fuel.

Uruguay is the country with the most expensive gasoline in South America. Photo: The Observer

However, this problem did not appear during the mandate of Lacalle For. The South American country led the ranking of the highest prices per liter of fuel in Latin America since 2001, according to Cepal.

Hong Kong is the country with the most expensive gasoline in the world. Photo: BBC

Top 14 gasoline costs in Latin America

Uruguay: US$1,978 per liter or US$7,486 per gallonChile: US$1,494 per liter or US$5,654 per gallonMexico: US$1,421 per liter or US$5,380 per gallonEl Salvador: US$1,265 per liter or US$4,787 per gallonPeru: US$1,214 per liter or US$4,596 per gallonHonduras: US$1,173 per liter or US$4,440 per gallonPanama: US$1,132 per liter or US$4,285 per gallonBrazil: US$1,127 per liter or US$4,267 per gallonParaguay: US$1,019 per liter or US$3,858 per gallonArgentina: US$0.925 per liter or US$3,501 per gallon gallonColombia: US$0.891 per liter or US$3.373 per gallonEcuador: US$0.634 per liter or US$2,400 per gallonBolivia: US$0.542 per liter or US$2.051 per gallonVenezuela: US$0.004 per liter or US$0.016 per gallon

What is the price of gasoline TODAY in Lima?

Gasohol regular

Maximum price: 17.79 soles per gallonMinimum price: 14.95 soles per gallon

Gasohol premium

Maximum price: 19.98 soles per gallonMinimum price: 15.89 soles per gallon


Maximum price: 20.99 soles per gallonMinimum price: 16.89 soles per gallon

The South American country with the most expensive electricity in 2023

The country where electricity service is most expensive is Uruguay, where each Kilowatt-hour (kWh) costs US$0.24. Peru continues the list, with US$0.23; that is, a slight difference of 0.01. These figures have even positioned it in the top 30 worldwide. But why is that?

This is because Uruguay is the second country in the world with great incorporation of renewable energies in its energy matrix. It has around 43 wind farms that generate energy, which represents more than 30% of the origin of electrical energy. The rest comes from hydraulics (29%), firewood and biomass waste (23%), diesel (10%), solar (3%) and fuel oil (2%).

The city in South America where it is most expensive to buy an apartment

Montevideo is the most expensive city to buy an apartment in South America, according to the results of the Real Estate Survey of Latin America (RIAL), carried out by the Finance Research Center (CIF) from Torcuato Di Tella University Business School in collaboration with the platform Zonaprop.

The city located in Uruguay the m² is quoted at US$3,166so it surpasses cities like Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Lima, among others from the same continent. Furthermore, this amount has managed to position it among the most expensive of all Latin Americasurpassing up to three cities in Mexico.

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