2024 tax returns: It’s almost time to file – 2024-04-13 00:35:06

April is the starting month for tax obligationsafter ENFIA liquidators to have already been discovered and the tax statements to follow.

The platform for their submission will open in the second half of April – maybe as early as next week.

It should be noted that since E9 has not yet been opened for amendment to ENFIA, it is expected that the system will be opened within the week so that those property owners who have found mistakes can make the amendments without penalty in order for ENFIA to be re-liquidated and to catch up with the 1st installment which will be at the end of the month.

For the first time this year, the discount will apply even if an extension is granted, while thousands of professionals will pay half the application fee or be exempt.

The automatic declarations

Also, ready-made (pre-filled) declarations are valid for one million employees and pensioners.

Great care is recommended for these categories of taxpayers in relation to: 1) the receipts in code 049 (i.e. be enough to cover our incomes as the collection of electronic receipts builds our tax-free) and 2) the imputed incomes that any they exceed the real.

What applies to tax payment and installments

-Payment of tax in: 8 installments

-1st installment until July 31, 2024

– 8th installment until February 28, 2025

Lump sum payment: 3% discount

*For the first time this year, the discount will apply even if an extension is granted

*Ready declarations for 1 million employees and pensioners

*Thousands of professionals will pay half the filing fee or be exempt

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