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Cars unexploded on the North American continent

In Japan, Europe and the United States tend to be categorized as “Europe and the United States,” but the two continents that separate the Atlantic Ocean have very different cultures. It’s the same with the needs and expectations of consumers who buy cars.

As a result, models manufactured in North America are unlikely to hit Europe, and may or may not work. The reverse is also true. Still, manufacturers continue to challenge.

Introducing cars that were born (or made) in Europe and exported to the United States but did not sell.

This time, we will introduce the European cars that have suffered a “catastrophe” in the United States for some reason in alphabetical order. Not only European brands, but also US brands manufactured in Europe are targeted.

Let’s take a look at the differences between European and American automobile culture.

The second-generation Audi 5000 (equivalent to the third-generation Audi 100 in Europe), which should have sold well, has become famous for a phenomenon called “unintentional sudden acceleration.” NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) points out that there are several causes for this.

The most well-known is that a North American driver inadvertently and unknowingly stepped on a different pedal. “They … they stepped on the accelerator, not the brakes,” said satirist PJ Oroke (1947-1202).

Audi 5000
Audi 5000

Regardless of who is wrong, the incident will damage the Audi brand’s reputation in the United States, not just the 5,000. Audi’s sales dropped sharply from just over 74,000 in 1985 to just under 13,000 in 1991. It wasn’t until the end of the 20th century that the numbers recovered completely. But to this day, Audi’s annual sales in the United States have beenBMWMercedes,LexusIs less than.

Cascada was manufactured in Europe (Poland), even though it was sold in the United States by a US brand.It was under the umbrella of GM at that timeOpelVogzorThe 4-seater convertible, also sold by Holden, performed relatively well in the United States, but it didn’t make much sense. Sales peaked at 7153 units in 2016 and have been declining year by year, dropping to just 2535 units in 2019, when production was abandoned.

Buick Cascada
Buick Cascada

In the 1990s, Cadillac decided to introduce the Catera, a slightly modified version of the German-produced Opel Omega, to the United States to sell European-style cars that would appeal to young consumers. ..

However, this attempt fails.Fashion model Cindy KuroFordA strange advertisement using a bird animation was developed, but only 95,000 units have been sold in eight years. Rivals of the same size,Lexus GSI was able to make a big difference.

Cadillac Catera
Cadillac Catera

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