643 Houses Flooded from the Bengawan Solo Overflow in Lamongan – 2024-03-14 14:46:37

Illustration of floods in Lamongan, East Java. (Doc. Metro TV)

THE IMPACT of the Bengawan Solo overflow flood in Lamongan Regency, East Java (Jatim), increased to the point that the number of inundated houses tripled to reach 643 in three sub-districts.

The flood also inundated a number of public facilities, educational buildings and places of worship. However, now, the flood has gradually receded as the level of Bengawan Solo has dropped to green alert or alert one status.

“Yes, since early Thursday morning the flood has gradually receded,” said Lamongan Regency Government Spokesperson, Sugeng Widodo, Thursday (14/3) afternoon.

According to him, the flooding caused by the overflow of the Bengawan Solo area which hit three sub-districts in Lamongan had experienced a significant increase. On Wednesday (13/3) floods inundated 643 houses in Babat, Laren and Maduran subdistricts.

In detail, for Babat Subdistrict the number of houses flooded was 104 units, Maduran Subdistrict 154 units and Laren Subdistrict reached 385 housing units. The flood also inundated three mosques, 10 prayer rooms, a junior high school building, four elementary school buildings and three PAUD buildings.

“Now everything has receded since dawn. Data collection on the impact of the flood is still being carried out to this day,” he explained.

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The day before, the Bengawan Solo flood resulted in around 213 houses in 12 villages from 3 sub-districts being flooded with a height of up to 30 cm.

It is not yet known how many food crops and roads were submerged due to the flood. The three sub-districts include Babat, Laren and Maduran. The worst hit sub-district was Laren Sub-district, with 153 houses affected spread across seven villages.


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