8 minute routine to do at home and define the whole body

Lack of time to train is no longer an excuse. In this video, Lorena Martínez, better known on social media as #LorenaOnFitproposes us a routine to strengthen and define the whole body in just 8 minutes. You will not need material and, in addition, you can do it from home. It is a cardiovascular and strength training and it would be advisable to do it in the morning and start the day with energy.

In the video, Lorena explains each exercise. The idea is to do 30 seconds of each exercise and continue with the next exercise, until completing the 8 minute express routine.

It offers different levels so that everyone can do it. The key is to pack a lot of reps into the 30-second workout time. The more repetitions, the more effects on the muscles.

  • The first of them is a jump with a squat.
  • Next up is a jump squat.
  • The third is the mountain climbers.
  • race on site

If you need to rest you can do it, but the ideal is not to stop since it is only 8 minutes of training.

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