92 refugees found naked on Greek-Turkeye border… UN “deeply concerned”

Source: Yonhap News

Nearly 100 refugees have been found almost nude on the northern border of Greece and Turkey, UNHCR is calling for an investigation, BBC and AFP news agency reported.

The Greek government said on the 16th local time that 92 refugees were found at the border with Turkey, some with bruises all over their bodies.

UNHCR said it was immediately concerned by the shocking news and photos that 92 unclothed refugees were found on the border between Greece and Turkey.

He also told the BBC, “If there has been any cruel and degrading treatment against them, we condemn it and urge a full investigation,” he said.

The Greek government claimed that Turkiye had persuaded illegal refugees to cross over to Greece and criticized Turkiye’s actions in the process as “a shame for civilization.”

Turkiye, on the other hand, refutes Greece’s claims as “fake news” and blames Greece for the inhumane conditions of refugees found on the border with Greece.

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