A Call from Space: Emirates Astronauts’ Journey at George Washington University with NASA

2023-08-24 14:53:21

The American capital, Washington, and specifically at George Washington University, witnessed an event related to space, its sciences, and the tasks carried out by astronauts outside Earth.

The event was sponsored by the UAE Embassy in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi and NASA astronaut Warren Hoberg participated in it, under the title “A Call from Space”.

This event witnessed a detailed intervention by Al Neyadi about the details of his daily life in space, and the importance of his mission to gain a deeper understanding of planet Earth, and to promote international action to combat climate change and limit its effects.

“Sky News Arabia” met with a number of Emirati astronauts who are receiving training in the United States, to prepare at a later time for space missions. She completed it so far a year and a half.

She added that the importance of this program is to provide astronauts with the necessary skills to work on the International Space Station, to learn about the systems there, and how to fix any malfunctions that may occur in them, especially those that occur outside the station, and you need to use what is known as the robotic arm to fix them.

The Emirati astronaut also said that she will be 100 percent ready, at the end of her training period, to take on the upcoming missions of the Emirates in space.

As for the Emirati astronaut, Muhammad Al Mulla, he told Sky News Arabia that the training program provided an opportunity for a good exchange of experiences, and allowed communication between the astronauts, and also contributed to focusing on the importance of joint work.

Al-Mulla also made it clear that the training program covers all psychological, physical and specialized needs related to space, highlighting that there are exercises to survive in the water and on the ground, before going up to space, and they must be passed, speaking at the same time about how to walk in space and training for that, and undergoing For tests you need physical and mental strength.

He added that there are many challenges during these exercises, including the heavy weight of the space suit, and the importance of being able to act in a fast and dangerous work environment. He also confirmed that he will be 100 percent ready after the training period ends to ascend into space.

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