A catering store run by expatriate workers was raided in Riyadh..and after it was searched, the surprise was! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The regulatory authorities in the Riyadh Municipality raided a violating grocery store run by expatriate workers in one of the regions in Riyadh.

And the video monitored the presence of a group of tomato balls on the floor of the store, while one of the observers said that there are foodstuffs in the store that show signs of spoilage and spoilage.

He pointed out that they needed to be sorted before entering the shop, pointing out that the shop was not clean. The video also showed an “unlicensed” chainsaw cutting machine in a toilet, in addition to the low level of hygiene.

The observer expressed his dissatisfaction with the remnants of cutting chicken and fish in the machine, which smelled bad.

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