A famous Egyptian artist reveals a dangerous secret about the real reason that prompted the killer to slaughter his colleague, the Mansoura girl, Naira Ashraf.!!

Actress Houria Farghali commented on the case of Naira Ashraf, expressing her sympathy for the killer, as he is an experienced and very young man, according to Cairo 24.

She added: “I sympathized with Naira’s killer, as I sympathized with her, and the boy was difficult for me, because he is very young and has no experience, and he believes every need, and his love is very much, and blind jealousy is jealous of her, and in a man who does not change;

She is killed, and the girl does not do anything, I mean that no one laughs at me, and I do not like this.”

And she continued, “They were friends, and he helped her study, and he began to love her before she was a model because he loved her for her person, so she began to change her way with him, and I heard a message from the messages that spread and she said to him: I found one better than you, and in a man when you hear this talk; he delivers They are subject to murder,” according to the “Cairo 24” website.

And she concluded: “And the boy said this in court, and he did not even try to lie or beautify what he did, and many men would be sick with the disease of jealousy, but he also did not lead to murder with this view.”

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