A free next-gen update is coming to Fallout 4

The popularity of the series probably contributed to this update, but fans of the franchise can certainly be happy now, as they will be able to return to the apocalypse-stricken world not only on TV, but also in virtual space.

Bethesda Game Studios reported that is releasing a free update for Fallout 4, which will be available not only for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 owners, but also for PCs. The Performance and Quality modes are finally running on consoles, but they will also contain a lot of fixes and make the game much more stable. With a higher resolution, everyone can finally enjoy the adventure with 60 FPS.

Have you read these?

If you prefer to explore Fallout 4 on PC, don’t worry, there are more features waiting for you. This community will also soon receive widescreen and ultra-widescreen support, as well as fixes to the Creation Kit and updates to quite a few missions. In addition, countless important bugs are finally fixed. The game will also soon appear in the Epic Game Store and Steam Deck.

They have everything good in their bag

Enclave Remnants lets you run into the Enclave, a pre-war conspiracy group. In this new mission, Echoes of the Past, our task is to prevent the sect from spreading its dangerous ideology everywhere and gaining a foothold in the commonwealth.

In addition to the workshop items and the Enclave colonel’s uniform, the following previously released Creation Club content will also be made available:

  • Enclave weapon skins
  • Enclave armors
  • Tesla cannon
  • Hellfire Power Armor
  • X-02 Power Armor
  • Heavy Incinerator

Makeshift Weapon Pack

Have you ever thought that a piggy bank can be a great weapon if the need calls for it? This weapon pack also includes several unusual items that have been transformed into deadly weapons, such as: a baseball cannon, a nail gun and a pig bush.

The Fallout 4 next-gen update is coming on April 25th.

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