Burglars hid in a cottage – then the police came

On the night of Friday, North Jutland Police attacked two men who are believed to have been behind several burglaries in North Jutland in recent months.

The two men were arrested in Øster Hurup, where they had stayed in a holiday home.

The arrest took place at 4:16 a.m. The two men are from Lithuania and are respectively 36 and 44 years old. The police describe them as part of a traveling criminal group.

The night’s action was the culmination of a longer investigation, which was initiated because a number of burglaries have been committed in Gistrup, Klarup, Storvorde, Mou and Hadsund. Jewelry and cash have typically been stolen here. So far, the two men have been charged with six burglaries.

– But it is our clear assumption that there will be quite a few more circumstances when we investigate the case further, says head of Berigelse Nordjylland, Police Commissioner Ulf Munch Sørensen in a press release.

He explains to Nordjuyske that the police must now clarify where the two arrested have been. It is still too early to say whether they have struck in a larger area. But the assumption is that they have primarily committed burglaries on the east coast.

Ulf Munch Sørensen thanks the many people from North Jutland who have helped the police with information. It has contributed to the fact that the police investigators achieved a breakthrough in the investigative work.

– We can be quite capable investigators, but we need eyes all around. And the citizens have been very good at providing information, says the police commissioner for Nordjyske. For example, there has been information about vehicles that may have been used by the perpetrators.

– It has really helped us to focus on them, he emphasizes.

The arrest itself took place quietly. The police had taken their precautions in the planned action, as the police commissioner puts it, without however elaborating on how many officers were present.

Nordjyllands Police has had a great desire to inform the public that progress has been made in the investigation of the burglaries.

– Citizens must know that something is happening. And I have just received an SMS from a citizen who is happy and grateful, says Ulf Munch Sørensen.

The two arrested will be produced in a constitutional hearing later on Friday.

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