a French player implicated

Originally, a ban as it had been mentioned from the start.

Photo Credit: Ubisoft

Almost six months after the evacuation of Ubisoft, the SPVM and Ubisoft suspect a Frenchman who is at the origin according to Press, Yanni Ouahioune who denies this accusation.

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The player known as Yannox or Y4nnoXX has already been banned more than 80 times from Rainbow Six: Siege and has confirmed to La Presse his indictment in France for having set up a fake Ubisoft site in order to steal the account of others players (when a player gets banned out of hand, either he buys stolen accounts and games for a few dollars, or as in this case he will try to obtain them himself). However, he denies to Press the charges relating to the bomb threat of November 13.

I didn’t do anything. I just cheated in their video games. The only time I called Ubisoft was to insult them for banning me [du jeu Rainbow Six]

– Yanni Ouahioune

To make this call, he would have used spoofing to display the phone number of Ubisoft Montreal. After the false alarm of November 13, he would have relapsed on December 18 to announce that a bomb had been placed in a daycare near Ubisoft. On January 6, 2021, another phone call to the SPVM announced a new hostage-taking, as well as the execution of a studio executive. For now, the investigation seems to be strongly oriented towards this player.

According to our information, Ubisoft quickly suspected an attack from a banned player. Two days before the fake hostage-taking of November 13, Ubisoft carried out massive bans on Raindow Six: Siege affecting several thousand cheaters. The studio preferred to wait for the SPVM’s investigation, but it would seem that the studio’s suspicions were true.

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