A full day of appreciation for the brilliant musician Gabriel Yared: ‘Change in Lebanon has become an urgent need because the situation is no longer tolerable.’

2023-09-24 21:00:00

In the midst of nightmares filled with disappointments from the bitter reality, the international composer Gabriel Yared returned to Beirut through a fleeting visit to the family, stopping by the “Tabaris House of Culture and Arts” to share from the threads of memory his career filled with music from its beginnings to the present day with a group of music students and music lovers with the participation of… A banner of some artists and musicians, such as Mario Al-Rai, the violinist, Philip Aractingi, the film director who recently moved to the world of theatre, the musician Sari Khalifa, and the artist Fadia Al-Hajj Tanb, who previously sang the “Marriage” segment from the book “The Prophet” to the music of Gabriel Yared at the Baalbek festivals. International in 2015. Yared is proud to be self-made. He made his way into music without adopting a classical style that would impose his affiliation with a music institute, “because this approach develops a limited and boxed approach among the recipients of knowledge and information in those institutes, which produces composers who are similar in the styles of their musical compositions,” according to what he told “An-Nahar.” …Therefore, he accumulated his belonging to this world, in which he spent a lifetime of music for international cinematic films, for operatic works, and for dancing ballet on the most prestigious international theatres, by voluntarily immersing himself in the discovery of music and quenching his thirst to hear musical pieces by the giants whom he adores to this day, most notably Bach and Chopin. Finally, he reached his passion for following a collection of sonatas by one of the most prominent Italian composers, Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), while declaring to his audience that he did not like oriental music at all. Yared rebelled against his fate, deciding to go to the West, and today he has become one of the leading composers of music for international films, including “The Moon in the Waterwheel,” “The Lover,” “A Successful Travel,” “The Ship and the Flood,”…

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